Underwater Rescue

Demands for underwater services have risen in the past few years. The good thing is that you can find efficient and more advanced services from various maritime experts. This is due to technological developments that have brought new skills along with numerous job opportunities. Some of the underwater services offered include

Hull Cleaning

It is common for vessel structures to submerge and usually happens due to sea plants or animals’ entanglement with the propellers. This affects the performance of a vessel and requires cleaning. But, only professional divers with the skills to undo the hull fouling should do the work.

Underwater rescue

The underwater rescue takes professional divers. This service is mainly required to rescue people trapped in deep waters or lost valuables. When a boat or vehicle submerges in water, you must contact a company offering underwater services. The team must be swift and well-equipped to save lives and recover properties.

Salvage and recovery services

You may need salvage and recovery services at one point, especially if your business is marine-related or you enjoy plenty of water activities. You never know when your boar or yacht will need to be rescued. Before hiring any company, make sure they have underwater rigs and cranes and efficient underwater cutting tools for tasks such as wire cutting.

Rock Removal

Rock removal under the water is one of the hardest and slowest tasks. It is, however essential to improve rivers, canals and make harbors more efficient. The rocks cannot be blasted and require special equipment to shatter and dredge the subaqueous rock safely. This underwater service must be done correctly to prevent delays and unexpected expenses or endangerment of any traffic passing along the water body.

You never know when you will need underwater services. But, make sure you seek help from trained and certified experts for maximum safety.